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Welcome to 'True Irish Sea Moss'

We hand-harvest our sea moss from the pristine bays of Galway, Ireland, ensuring the highest quality.

Avoid fake, mass-produced sea moss sold online that is artificially grown on ropes, as it lacks the 92 advertised minerals. 

Our Purple Chondrus Crispus face mask comes in dry flakes. Add hot water and blend for 30 seconds to create a natural gel. Store it in the fridge and use it daily.

Apply the gel to your face and around your eyes without rubbing it in. Keep it slightly wet for a cooling and tightening effect. Wash off one layer before applying another.

The minerals will absorb into your skin, helping to replace collagen, benefiting your eyes and brain, and nourishing your body.

(IMPORTANT: Use only spring or distilled water, not tap water due to high fluoride levels.)

Each sachet makes up to 150 ml of gel for daily use, with full instructions included. Use a small glass jar, not plastic, to avoid toxins.


For just £10 per sachet - you get a month's supply when used twice a day, making it very cost-effective.

-Your postage within the UK is included in the price

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